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Swimming pool

Our (7mx14m) swimming pool is wonderfully situated so that one can enjoy a splendid panorama while taking a swim.

Horse riding
In the manège, which is part and parcel of the farm, one can take riding lessons and make wonderful walks outside, through the nature.


Guests are free to participate in the life at the farm, for instance by helping out when we harvest grapes for wine in September or olives for olive oil in November. For children the Agriturismo offers excellent opportunities to get to know the animals at the farm and to help taking care of them.

Mountain bike

Via dirt road – having clear indications, yet often not known to tourists – one can go mountain biking in a marvelous landscape.


There are two main types of truffle, a famous Italian delicacy: the white one and the black one. Around Monte Santa Maria Tiberina one is on the look for the sweet black truffles that mature between November and March. Yet even guests coming in the summertime will find summer truffles on the menu. Upon appointment, people are always welcome to participate in a search for truffles with a truffle seeker and his dogs.

Walking tours

Around the Agriturismo various short and long walks can be done to immerse oneself in the countryside, so as to discover landscapes that are not visible nor accessible by car. The itineraries are clearly indicated and at maps are available at the farm.